_________________________N°1 // THICK HAIR_________________________

If you have quite a big pack of hair, you can make lovely ponytails, but you might also face these problems:

Straightening and french braiding your hair takes ages.

If you put your hair in a bun when it’s wet, it will still be wet half a day later.

You regularly break hair ties. 

But there’s also a few problems you can actually do something about. Yayy!

It takes me ages to brush and comb my hair! 

1. Comb your hair right before washing it.

2. Use a good, moisturizing conditioner and while it’s in your hair, comb through it with a wide-toothed comb.

3. After the shower, use a comb to detangle the ends of your hair. Once those are detangled, move upwards to the roots. This really really helps!

4. If you have the time, let your hair air dry. It’s a lot better for your hair, and healthy hair doesn’t tangle as much as dry hair.

5. If you really want your hair to be a bit less thick, you can ask your hair dresser to thin it out. 

It’s so frizzy!

1. Try not to use too much heat on your hair, it makes your hair more frizzy on the long term. And if you do, use a heat-protectant.

2. If you have the time, dry your hair with a hair dryer and move a thick round brush through your hair while doing that. It will make the hair slightly less frizzy and wavy. 

3. Always, always, always use a moisturizing conditioner. It really helps a whole lot to make your hair smoother and shinier. In your case, look for a conditioner with a lot of proteïn in it, this helps eliminate the frizz.

4. Go watch this video.